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Dirt Devil Express Compact Bagged Canister - SD30035
For a floor to ceiling clean look no further than the Express Bagged canister vacuum from Dirt Devil. From carpets to hard floors, curtains to stairs, the on-board tools aide in multiple cleaning tasks.

Dirt Devil Express Canister Vacuum
The HEPA media filter your family is protected from over 99.97% of common dust and allergens. The variable suction power control, you are able to choose the perfect amount of suction for carpets and hard floors.

A powerful 12 AMP motor with versatility for under furniture, beds, on couches and window treatments. With bagged convenience simply throw the bag away, replace and start cleaning again. The full bag indicator signals when the bag is full and should be replaced.

Multiple tools attach for a customized clean – crevice tool for detail cleaning and furniture nozzle for a wide mouth of suction.

The lightweight design offers a functional solution for carrying around your home. With intuitive features and simple design the Dirt Devil Express offers a solution for a whole home clean.

Foot controls mean you don’t have to bend over when turning on the machine and clean up made easy with automatic cord rewind. Express Bagged Canister’s sleek design provides streamline storage and easy cleaning capabilities in Dirt Devil’s signature red.

Special Features:

Suction Power Control: clean a variety of hard surfaces, as well as carpeting and above-floor areas like furniture and curtains. The adjustable suction feature allows you to alter power as you clean the entire room

Automatic Cord Rewind: cord neatly winds itself back inside the unit to save the user’s energy and for easy storage

Sleek Design: featuring Dirt Devil’s signature red, this canister vacuum provides streamlined storage and easy cleaning for a variety of surfaces and areas of the home

HEPA Media Filter: blocks 99.97% of dust and allergens so you can breathe easy and rinsable so you can save money

Non Marring Wheels: hearty rubber wheels that help power the clean without marking hard floor surfaces

Telescopic Handle: reach high ceilings and awkward spaces with the extension handle designed for today’s modern architecture

Full Bag Indicator: identify when it’s time to change bags immediately for optimal cleaning performance

16’ Cord: clean large areas and even several rooms with one plug-in using the extra-long cord

12 Amps: provides a powerful clean and hearty motor for a thorough clean

Warranty: 1 year limited

Dirt Devil Express Canister Vacuum
A convenient hook to hold the floor nozzle aids in compact storage for tight spaces and closets, attachments are stored on board with an easily accessible clip attaching to the wand

Included Accessories:

Upholstery Brushfeatures gentle bristles to loosen particles on window treatments and furniture

Crevice Toolreaches intricate spaces on the floor and above-ground

Furniture Brushgently cleans furniture without marring surface

Dirt Devil Express Canister Vacuum
A telescopic handle gives you extended reach for above the floor cleaning
Dirt Devil Express Canister Vacuum
Convenient Automatic Cord Rewind to save user energy for quick, easy storage
Dirt Devil Express Canister Vacuum
Multi-Surface cleaning from hard floors to carpet for a thorough clean
Dirt Devil Express Canister Vacuum
Heavy duty non-marring wheels easily glide across floors

With so many on offer these days, it is great to have a name you can trust. This item is certainly that and will be a perfect buy. The distributor have added some great touches and this equals great value.
You can trust this review, i hope you can try to buy this product and then you know this product good or no. Next time you can make a review for another people.

Not A Full-Fledged Cleaning Solution, But A Handy And Lightweight Supplement
Perhaps the Dirt Devil Express Compact Bagged Canister (SD30035) oversells itself as the ideal solution for floor to ceiling vacuuming. It clearly is NOT. But from my perspective, considering the size and the power of the unit, that would be a pretty lofty expectation to fulfill. In no way did I think or anticipate that this tiny little baby (it's the approximate size of an average frozen turkey) was going to replace my larger, bulkier, and more powerful floor vacuums. This handy and lightweight Dirt Devil is a supplementary cleaning product, and I love it. Again, to be clear, if I was trying to vacuum big rooms with this alone--this would be a nightmare. But it is terrific for places I don't want to lug a bigger piece of machinery.

Here are a few examples of where the Dirt Devil Express has improved my life (and my back):

1) Carpeted staircase
2) Hard floors where I want to pick up light debris or dust bunnies
3) On furniture and cushions

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As good as any small canister I've used but with style...
Four stars is the "I Like It" rating.

This Express has the same 12amp motor as all the other vacuums in the Dirt Devil line so don't think you'll get more suction even with their other models. MIGHT be some vacuum chamber design differences that improve suction in the various types but they don't show you the insides anywhere I've found. It will suck your hand tight to the open nozzle with a feeling pretty much the same as our Eureka upright sweeper.

Listed as 13lbs on Amazon and 8.5lbs on Dirt Devil site, but with everything attached ready to store or carry to another location, digital scale reads 11lbs, still easy to lift with the handle even when holding in front of you going through doorways etc.

While on the subject of the handle, I'm tempted to grab the wand tube first since it sticks up when you have it in one of the two holding brackets depending on if you have vacuum horizontal or vertical. I think pushing pulling or any attempt to move the...
Awesome little vacuum
After hours of reading reviews on Amazon, I bought the Dirt Devil Express Compact Bagged Canister. I'M SO GLAD I DID. I have only used it once, but I love it already. I live in a one bedroom, 700 square foot apartment in NYC with wood floors and a couple of area rugs. The vacuum really sucks up dirt, lint, and dust bunnies from under furniture, and does a very impressive job on the rugs! I immediately ditched my bagless upright, which is disgusting to clean (can someone please tell me what the point of a bagless vacuum is besides giving people allergy attacks?) It's lightweight and easy to handle. And really, you can't beat the price for a 12 amp motor. I rarely write product reviews, but I felt I just had to share my experience!
Dirt Devil Express Compact Bagged Canister - SD30035 Dirt Devil Express Compact Bagged Canister - SD30035
Product Features :
  • Lightweight design with handle for easy carrying from room to room.
  • Automatic Cord Rewind. Rewind the cord with press of button.
  • Nozzle storage clip for nozzle.
  • Bagged Convenience. Replacement bags for easy dirt disposal.
  • On-Board attachments - upholstry brush and crevice tool for added cleaning solutions.

Rating : 3.4
List Price : $89.99

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