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Dirt Devil FeatherLite Cyclonic Canister Vacuum, SD40100
Dirt Devil Featherlite Canister Vacuum Cleaner
Single stage cyclonic filtration for added level of dirt separation
The Dirt Devil Featherlite provides advanced cyclonic performance in a versatile compact cleaner. For those with hard floors this vacuum packs a punch with lightweight design and bare floor nozzle with retractable brush-it gets the dirtiest of messes.

On-board tools help get into nooks and crannies that are above floor so you don’t have to use another machine. The foot petals make it simple to turn on and store quickly with automatic cord rewind.

Weighing under 10 pounds this vacuum can travel anywhere you go. The powerful 10 AMP motor provides suction for the toughest messes.

With on-board combination crevice tool and dusting brush you can reach into tight spaces and use the brush for added agitation. A bare floor nozzle with retractable brush helps on bare floor where straight suction is needed to prevent scatter.

Convenient foot petals allow you to control the power on/off switch and cord rewind, making clean-up quick and easy. Simply step on the button and the cord retracts for you.

The compact design offers an easy solution to storing the vacuum in tight closet spaces around your apartment or home. In Dirt Devil’s signature red color this powerful vacuum gets the cleaning done right.

Dirt Devil Featherlite Canister Vacuum Cleaner
Simply step on the cord rewind button and it retracts for easy storage

Product Features:

Single Stage Cyclonic Filtration – cyclonic action for added level of dirt separation

Bottom Empty Dirt Cup – easily empty dirt directly into the trash

Dirt Devil Featherlite Canister Vacuum Cleaner
HEPA Media Filter – blocks over 99.97% of common dust and allergens. Washable so you can save money
7.5 Foot Cleaning Reach – extend reach further for stair cleaning

Bare Floor Nozzle with Retractable Brush – clean bare floors with ease for your toughest messes

Automatic Cord Rewind – easily step on button to quickly snap back cord for fast convenient storage

On-Board Tools – a complete set of tools for above floor cleaning

Washable HEPA Filter – rinse filter to prolong the life of your filter

Foot Controls – easily control power on/off and cord rewind with controls right at your feet

Warranty – 1 year limited.

Included Accessories:

2-in-1 Dusting Brush & Crevice Tool – combination tool for dusting and reaching further into nooks and crannies

Upholstery Tool – aides in cleaning furniture and upholstery.
Dirt Devil Featherlite Canister Vacuum Cleaner
Bare floor nozzle with retractable brush for hard floor surfaces to prevent scatter
Dirt Devil Featherlite Canister Vacuum Cleaner
Easily empty dirt into the trash with a bottom empty dirt cup
Dirt Devil Featherlite Canister Vacuum Cleaner
Long hose reaching 7.5 feet with tools for stair and above floor cleaning

With so many on offer these days, it is great to have a name you can trust. This item is certainly that and will be a perfect buy. The distributor have added some great touches and this equals great value.
You can trust this review, i hope you can try to buy this product and then you know this product good or no. Next time you can make a review for another people.

Shockingly light!
I bought this vacuum cleaner as I had previously had a simmilar model in Germany. I was shocked by how light it is and was not confident in how well it would clean, but it does surprisingly well and after a few days' use, I trust it to last.

It sucks well, has small but effective wheels on the sides of the hose at the head which ensure it won't scratch hard flooring and the rubber-ish surface on the two big wheels mean that it moves reliably over my varnished hardwood floor without marking.

The little independently rotating wheel underneath, which enables it to move freely in all directions, broke off from my original model in Germany - that does not appear to be any more sturdy on this version, but I'll add a comment later if it happens.

Overall, this vacuum cleaner is light and effective, moves well across my hard flooring without marking, and appears to be equally good at cleaning my rugs!

Click here to read the full review for more information about this product.

Excellent for bare floors
My previous vacuum had those motorized brush heads. It was fine, but not having any carpets in the house, I felt I was simply using a machine that had features that I did not used to their full potential. All these features also had a weight that I had to drag around while vacuuming. With this Dirt evil canister model, I had all that I needed: lightweight to quickly pick up dust, dirt and a little bit of dog hair (I have a Lhasa Apso). It's extremly easy to empty as well! Its power cord is fine for me, as I have have read somewhere on the net that some users find of somewhat short. If you have one electric outlet per room, you should be fine. I find it's power to be more than adequate: I was able to pick up some of my dog's food pellets hidden in some corners. I got this item on special at 60$ and I'm more than happy with it! Makes vacuuming much easier, lighter and faster. This model might not be powerful enough if you have a heavy shedding dog... My mom has a Pembroke...
Never go back to upright vacuum
previously and still owns a DYSON DC24 which was awkward to move around for cleaning. Main advantage of canister vacuum is the agile mobility of the wand that I sweep and vacuum a wide area much quicker. The upright vacuums are bulky and heavy to move around. This $80 canister is much better than the Dyson DC 24 that I paid $400 for. Because of the mobility of this vacuum and retractable cord, I was more motivated to clean my house than before.

-reasonably priced for bagless system
-retractable cord
-easy dust dispose system
-good suction
-easy maintenance
-wand can be easily taken off from hose so you can use the hose to clean furniture, wall edges, windows.

-the air vent was blowing backward to the ground, potentially steer up the dust from the un-vacuum area
-the hose can be little bit longer
-cheap plastic(but at the same time you don't want to pay more?)
-can not be neatly store like...
Dirt Devil FeatherLite Cyclonic Canister Vacuum, SD40100 Dirt Devil FeatherLite Cyclonic Canister Vacuum, SD40100
Product Features :
  • Lightweight Design - Compact with handle for easy carrying from room to room.
  • Automatic Cord Rewind - rewind cord with press of button.
  • Cyclonic filtration for added dirt separation.
  • HEPA Media filtration protects against over 99% dust and allergens.
  • Stores easily - compact design helps storage in tight spaces.

Rating : 4.0
List Price : $89.99

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