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Hoover WindTunnel Canister Vacuum, Bagless, S3755
WindTunnel Technology uses computer designed air ducts to provide a powerful dual air stream to enhance dirt pick up capabilities. The WindTunnel design also reduces the scattering of debris common to many ordinary canisters. The WindTunnel Bagless Power Nozzle Canister picks up more dirt than any other canister...period!With its low-profile, power-nozzle design, this ultra-quiet bagless canister easily cleans in tough-to-get-at places like under the bed, couch, or coffee table. Its wide 15-inch nozzle cleans more carpeting per stroke than a traditional 12-inch nozzle, while edge groomers mounted on either side of the nozzle help loosen dust, dirt, and unsightly lint that collects along baseboards. Its patented WindTunnel technology uses computer-designed air ducts to provide a powerful dual-air stream, enhancing its ability to pick up dirt. Instead of bags, the vacuum uses a transparent cup, which is easily removed and emptied for quick dirt disposal. Multiple stages of filtration include its first-stage filter, which is in the dirt cup and traps most dust and allergens. Additional levels of filtration are located after the dirt cup to trap additional debris that may have escaped the first filter. The final filter is a HEPA allergen filter. For convenience, the unit's deluxe pump-handle provides remote fingertip control for variable motor-speed settings and brush roll "on/off," while an easy-to-use foot-pedal quickly rewinds the 22-foot cord. Attachments include a six-foot hose, telescopic chrome wands, a crevice tool, dusting brush, and filter cleaning brush. The vacuum measures 12-1/2 by 18 by 10-1/2 inches and carries a full one-year warranty. --Catie Unger
With so many on offer these days, it is great to have a name you can trust. This item is certainly that and will be a perfect buy. The distributor have added some great touches and this equals great value.
You can trust this review, i hope you can try to buy this product and then you know this product good or no. Next time you can make a review for another people.

The best combination of price and performance
This product delivers, exactly as advertised. It is good on floors, powerful on carpets, and is also fairly attractive. Although the toggle on-off switch can get annoying, with that same toggle switch you can "dial up" the suction power of the vacuum, which comes in handy often. Onboard tools are easy to reach and easy to attach. The dirt cup, like I imagined, is messy to use and fills up quickly: I'd advise to empty it when you're taking out the garbage so that the dust doesn't float up every time you open up the trash can or throw something away. You can't beat the lifetime HEPA filter; it even comes with a tiny brush to clean it with. Other vacuums (like the Sanyo dirthunter canister) need to have their filters replaced at $15 a pop. The power cord can be retracted using a pedal with your foot - very convenient. The noise level isn't too bad - I wouldn't say it's the most quiet vacuum but I'm willing to handle a little bit of noise for a little more performance. This vacuum rates...

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Try the WindTunnel "Electronic" Canister Instead
That model costs just a few dollars more and comes with an additional powered hand-held tool, and also a hard-floor cleaning tool, both of which this model lacks. The lack of adaquate tools means that this model is very difficult to use on stairs or for cleaning large hardwood floors.
Not for hardwoods.
I bought this model to replace an eight year old Hoover that had seen better days. My old model was such a great vacuum and I thought this one would be an upgrade.

I have all hardwoods with a few rugs and a canister vacuum is usually best for hard surfaces. This canister is the exception to that rule. There is no separate floor tool so cleaning hardwood and vinyl is through the bulky power nozzle. This nozzle will suck up almost nothing that is on a hard surface with the power nozzle turned off as instructed. If you try to turn the power nozzle on and go over the hard surfaces then it scatters everything around. The only way to use this machine to clean these surfaces is with the 4 inch dusting tool. I gave up after only one room.

This is great on carpets but the dust cup that looks large in the picture, only holds about two cups of dust so I emptied the cup twice cleaning one rug. This machine is going back after only one try. Sorry CONSUMER REPORTS. You were...
Hoover WindTunnel Canister Vacuum, Bagless, S3755
Product Features :
  • Ultra-quiet bagless canister with low-profile design for hard-to-reach places
  • 15-inch, quick-release nozzle with edge groomers; WindTunnel technology; HEPA allergen filter
  • Deluxe pump handle; fingertip speed control; 22-foot cord with foot-pedal rewind
  • 6-foot hose, telescopic chrome wands, crevice tool, dusting brush, and filter brush included
  • Measures 12-1/2 by 18 by 10-1/2 inches; full 1-year warranty

Rating : 3.5
List Price : $259.99

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