Friday, January 11, 2013

Hoover Type S Hepa Filter Bag, 4010808S
Hoover 4010808S Type S Hepa Filter Bag fits the Windtunnel Bagged Canister and Constellation Canister.
With so many on offer these days, it is great to have a name you can trust. This item is certainly that and will be a perfect buy. The distributor have added some great touches and this equals great value.
You can trust this review, i hope you can try to buy this product and then you know this product good or no. Next time you can make a review for another people.

You can never have too many vacuum cleaner bags
I jumped on the "green" bagless band wagon and was sorely disappointed. So I went back to the good old reliable bag. No more having to put on a chem suit to empty the canister then waste water to clean it ever time. With the bag, it's just R&R.

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I have tried both types of bags for my Hoover Anniversary Canister Vac and for a small price diffrence the # 4010808S HEPA bags are so much better than the Allergen bags # 4010100S. I have wall to wall carpeting and 2 indoor Maine Coon Cats. I vaccume twice a week . I bought both types of bags to compare them and the Hepa bags are much better. You can tell the vaccume works better with this bag. Shop around , I found them on Amazon today for 3.00 each , free shipping !
Pretty Good... Pretty Pricey
I first learned about these special Hoover Type S Hepa Filter Bags when I recently replaced by five-year-old Hoover canister vacuum with a new Hoovers Centennial WindTunnel. I purposely chose the Hoover Centennial WindTunnel because I had previously stocked-up on four 10-packs of regular Hoovers Type S Bags, and the new model accepts the same Type S size.

I tried both the old green Type S bags as well as the included two new Hepa Filter Type S bags in my new vacuum, and the Hepa bags seem to do a better job of catching all of the dust than the green bags.

So I shopped around for some Hepa bags and purchased a few from

I'll still use the old Type S green bags, but I look forward to transitioning to the Hepa bags once the old Type S's are used up.

My only concern is the price of the Hepa bags, which at about $3.50 each are more than three times more expensive than my old green regular Type S bags. I hope they're worth the price...
Hoover Type S Hepa Filter Bag, 4010808S
Product Features :
  • Type S HEPA Filter Bag

Rating : 4.7
List Price : $8.99

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