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Dyson DC39 Animal canister vacuum cleaner
Dyson DC39 Canister Vacuum
Dyson DC39 Animal Canister Vacuum
DC39 Animal is a full-size Dyson canister vacuum with Ball technology for greater maneuverability. Wheeled vacuums can be awkward – heavy to pull, head the wrong way and collide with obstacles. A Dyson Ball vacuum cleans without the awkward moves, turning on the spot. DC39 Animal also has a central steering mechanism for greater control. The pivot point is located near the center of the machine, so it can make tighter turning circles and more easily follows the user’s path.

Dyson cyclones capture more dirt than any other. DC39 Animal has Radial Root Cyclone technology with remodelled airways to maximize suction power. Like all other Dyson vacuums, DC39 Animal doesn’t lose suction as you clean. There are no bags or filters to replace, so there are no extra costs. DC39 Animal has been engineered for reduced noise levels with no compromise in performance. The essential components are located inside the acoustically treated ball.

DC39 Animal has a Triggerhead tool, with an air-driven rotating brush bar. It’s the only turbine head controlled at the handle – so no bending down is required. Just push the button on the handle to turn the brush bar on for carpets or off for hard floors and delicate rugs. DC39 Animal also comes with a mini turbine head for cleaning pet hair and dirt from confined places, upholstery, stairs and the car.

Patented Dyson Technology

Dyson engineers are constantly testing and inventing, trying to find new ways to make their technology work better. As they work, they file patent applications to protect their inventions from copycat manufacturers. That’s why the only place you’ll find Dyson technology is inside a Dyson machine.

Dyson DC39 Canister Vacuum
Dyson Root Cyclone Technology
Dyson DC39 Canister Vacuum
Hygienic Bin Emptying System
Dyson DC39 Canister Vacuum
DC39 Animal turns on a dime
New Radial Root Cyclone Technology
Ordinary vacuum cleaners rely on bags to trap dust and dirt. As you use them, the tiny holes in the bag clog up with particles of dust. This restricts the flow of air, so the vacuum cleaner loses suction.

Dyson vacuum cleaners don’t rely on bags to trap dust and dirt. They use cyclone technology, which spins the air at incredibly high speeds.
Dyson DC39 Canister Vacuum
Inside the Dyson Ball
The cyclones inside a Dyson vacuum cleaner generate centrifugal forces many thousands of times the force of gravity. Dust, dirt and pet hair are flung out of the airflow and straight into the bin. No bag. No loss of suction.

Dyson has been continually refining cyclone vacuum technology since inventing it more than 20 years ago. DC39 Animal has new Radial Root Cyclone technology. Reconfigured air channels and improved flow efficiency reduce turbulence and preserve air pressure, so that the inner cyclones can extract more microscopic particles. These refinements help remove more dirt, dust, allergens and pet hair from the airflow.

Ball Technology
Dyson Ball vacuum cleaners use Ball technology to overcome the steering limitations of fixed wheels. They ride on a ball, which turns on the spot so you can steer with ease. The ball also holds the heaviest component (the motor) – positioned towards the base for a lower center of gravity and greater stability. The machine moves easily around obstacles, and the ball’s smooth surface means that it doesn’t dig into the carpet pile.

Reduced Noise Levels – Ball Engineering
No compromise in performance. Essential components are located inside the acoustically treated ball.

DC39 Animal Features:

Triggerhead Tool The only turbine head controlled at the handle so no bending down is required. A fingertip control switches the brush bar off for delicate rugs and hard floors, and switches it on for high pick-up on carpets.

A Central Steering Mechanism The only canister vacuum with a central steering mechanism for greater control. The cyclone pack articulates with the chassis, so it’s easy to control when moving around obstacles.

Extra Tools DC39 Animal comes with a Mini turbine head for cleaning pet hair and dirt from confined spaces, upholstery, stairs and the car. There’s also a Stair tool, and a Combination tool that converts to a brush tool for dusting.

Clear Bin Lets You See When it Needs Emptying The bin on a Dyson vacuum cleaner is transparent so you can see when it needs emptying – and just how much dust, dirt and pet hair your Dyson machine has picked up.

Captures Allergens, Expels Cleaner Air Dyson cyclones capture microscopic particles down to 0.5 microns in size. DC39 Animal also includes a non-removable HEPA filter as an extra safeguard for allergy sufferers. It traps microscopic particles down to 1/5,000 of a pinhead, including pollen, mold and bacteria.

No Extra Costs Other vacuum cleaners are still designed to need replacement bags and filters – and the cost soon adds up. Dyson vacuum cleaners don’t need replacement bags or belts, so there are no extra costs to worry about.

5 Year Parts and Labor Warranty Your Dyson vacuum cleaner is likely to take a few knocks and bashes during everyday use – but that’s nothing compared to what Dyson puts its machines through during testing and development. All Dyson vacuum cleaners undergo a lengthy and rigorous testing program. That’s why DC39 Animal comes with a 5 year warranty, parts and labor guaranteed by Dyson.

What’s in the Box?

1 x DC39 Animal canister vacuum cleaner
1 x Operating manual
1 x Quick start guide
1 x Triggerhead tool
1 x Mini turbine head
1 x Combination tool
1 x Stair tool
1 x Product registration card
1 x 5 year warranty
Dyson DC39 Canister Vacuum
Included Accessories

With so many on offer these days, it is great to have a name you can trust. This item is certainly that and will be a perfect buy. The distributor have added some great touches and this equals great value.
You can trust this review, i hope you can try to buy this product and then you know this product good or no. Next time you can make a review for another people.

yeah, it's an Animal...for dirt and doghair!
Ok, I'm biased because I love animals but this Animal is fabulous! We have two dogs (one shorthaired and one double-coated) and live in a mountainous rural area: can you say doghair, dirt, and firewood chips? Since I was always switching to the old upright's hose to clean under cabinets, dog beds, steps, corner cobwebs, I started thinking a canister vac might save alot of time after my husband broke the not-so-old upright. This DC39 Animal (the purple one) does *ALL* the jobs of the non-Dyson upright far faster and better, and it doesn't fall on me while using the hose like the old upright did. It's soooo light to move around rather than the heavy upright that I used to have to pick up to carefully vacuum all the fringed rugs we have (I inherited them; if YOU have a choice, buy non-fringed rugs!) and, with the Animal, I just push the button to turn off the brushhead and run the turbine head right over that fringe. Oh, and picks up an amazing amount of dirt along with the...

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Love It!
I've had two Dyson uprights, the first wonderful, the second not so great. The little carpet height sensor got very worn down and scratched my wood floor in addition to the hose breaking. I decided to give Dyson another go and ordered this vac. I have 2 kids,, 3 dogs, and a cat (I often feel like it is Noah's arc). The item was well packaged and very easy to set up. It did wonderfully on my wood floors and my area rug looked like it had been shampooed when I finished. I love that it's smaller than an upright and can get in between and under the furniture. I also purchased the hard floor attachment, but honestly, wish I hadn't. It is fine to use it after the bulk of the dog hair is up, but I found that the massive dog hair tumble weeds got stuck around the edges and the included turbine head was simply more effective. It's very easy to maneuver, and I found myself forgetting that I was pulling a canister behind me. It got up all the dog hair and even did a really great job...
Fabulous Vacuum
I have been using the DC39 Animal for 2.5 weeks now on carpet (short dense pile and Berber and very short pile throw rugs) and tile with two indoor/outdoor cats shedding in spring in an ultra-dry environment (lots of static). It is amazingly quiet and light, super maneuverable, and very effective. I have used a number of Kenmore Canister vacuums throughout my adult life. I was initially disappointed with the narrow width of the head, but have since grown to appreciate how many more places it can fit. It is very easy to empty and keep clean. I empty it into my garage trash can while outside to avoid reapplying dust inside. It stores in a relatively small space compared to other older style canister vacuums. The small rotating-brush head works wonderfully on upholstered furniture. The combo dusting brush/crevice tool is space saving and effective. Sometimes I miss having a light on the large rotating-brush head, but, the design is far superior to a powered head and an acceptable...
Dyson DC39 Animal canister vacuum cleaner
Product Features :
  • Dyson cyclone technology captures more dirt and mircoscopic dust than any other with no loss of suction
  • Radial Root Cyclone technology- airflows remodeled to maximize suction power
  • Turns on a dime for greater control
  • Triggerhead tool- the only turbine head controlled at the handle means no bending down to adjust from carpets to hard floors
  • 5 Year Warranty- parts and labor guaranteed by Dyson for 5 years

Rating : 4.4
List Price : $499.99

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